Lessons and Riding

Do you offer hacking?

Escorted hacks can be booked by regular clients and course attendees. You must be at least 12 years of age and competent at walk and trot.


We are sorry that we cannot offer one-off hacks, but it is important that we know the rider and their abilities before taking them out, for their own safety and the welfare of our horses.

What happens if I need to cancel a lesson?

If you have to cancel your lesson, please try to give us 24 hours’ notice. This allows us to offer the place to another rider.


For this reason, we have to charge for any cancellations made less than 24 hours before the lesson start time.

How much do lessons cost?

You can download a full Price List by clicking on this link.

Do you offer any discounts?

We sell books of tickets for class lessons. If you buy a book of tickets you pay for 10 class lessons and get one free.

For details of any other special offers check our Events & News Page.

Do I need to wear a body protector?

Body protectors are designed to absorb impact from a fall or kick from a horse. The only time we insist that a rider wears a body protector is if they are taking part in a course or clinic held outside in our jumping paddock.


However, we strongly recommend that children wear them when riding and that all clients wear them when jumping.

What happens if the weather is bad, e.g. raining or snowing?

All lessons take place in one of our two indoor schools, so inclement weather is not a problem. In the event of heavy snow, contact us before you set off to check what conditions are like here. However, we are situated on a rural bus route so Hollins Road and Lumbutts Road are usually cleared and gritted. We advise you not to use Woodhouse Road in icy and snowy conditions as the steep hill can be treacherous.

Clinics and Courses

I want to come on one of your courses, but I don’t have my own horse. What should I do?

If you want to attend one of our courses, we are happy for you to use one of our horses at no extra cost.

I am afraid I might not ride as well as the other people on my course. What should I do?

Don’t worry, all lessons on our courses are planned so that individuals can work at their own pace.

Group lessons are generally conducted in ‘open order’ rather than as a ‘ride’, so you are all working individually and can spend more or less time practising different elements according to your needs.

Can I bring my own horse, even though he is very young and inexperienced?

Yes, of course. Our instructors will be happy to provide advice and support and, if needed, we can arrange extra help and tuition. Being able to work with other horses in a safe environment will be a positive learning experience for him.

Is there somewhere to park my wagon / trailer?

Yes, we have a car park where you can park your wagon or trailer for the duration of the course.

Please refer to the directions on our Contacts page for a wagon-friendly route to the centre.


Are your facilities available for hire?

Yes, the large arena is available for private hire, with jumps if required, when not being used for lessons.

It is also available for hire to local riding clubs.

Get in touch to find out about availability and prices.

Do you sell gift vouchers?

Yes, you can buy gift vouchers for riding lessons from reception.

I want to buy my own riding hat, what should I look for?

Although there are lots of cheap hats available on-line, we always recommend going somewhere where you can try on different hats and have them fitted by an expert. Different types of hats are different shapes. For example, traditional velvet-covered riding hats tend to be oval in shape, but jockey-style helmets tend to be rounder in shape.

The style of hat you buy is up to you, but it must meet the following minimum standards: PAS 015 with CE mark

Children’s hats are cheaper because prices are VAT free, but they go up to large sizes and will often fit adults too!

Where is the best place to buy riding equipment locally?

There are several equestrian retailers in the local area:

Naylors Superstore, Rochdale www.naylors.com


For riding wear other than hats and body protectors (which must be fitted by an expert) there are lots of on-line retailers too.

I want to buy my own horse / pony, can you help?

If you are a client, your regular instructor will be happy to discuss this with you, e.g. what your requirements are and how to go about looking for a suitable horse or pony.


You should always get a 5-stage vetting carried out on any horse that you are interested in buying.

Still can’t find the question you are looking for?

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